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Hi guise! So, I am just going to talk about spring makeup and hair looks. Quick note on all lip colors: keep in mind I made them myself ***recipe at the end.

Let’s get started!

Look 1)

Clothing: A spring floral creme and rose Kimono, paired with white shorts and rose colored sandals.

Hair: A side messy bun with a braid abut to the back.

Makeup: Creme base eye shadow with a rosy color in the corner, highlighting the brow bone with a creme color- natural colored mascara and a pink lipstick/ lip butter.

Look 2)

Clothing: Floral crop top paired with washed denim shorts and sperrys or silver sandals.

Hair: Side braids to the back and wand curled, Optional: add a bow

Makeup: Natural toned eye shadow, black mascara, white liner, red lipstick

Look 3)

Clothing: Neon colored maxi dress, and any color sandals.

Hair: Wear naturally- unless you think it’s TOTALLY horrid.

Makeup: Go natural!


Crayon lipstick recipe:

A spoonful of olive oil

One crayon of your choice

A bowl

Instructions: Put a pan of water to boil and put the glass bowl in it. Add the olive oil and crayons, let it melt, pour into a container and let it sit and harden. Once hardened- you can apply and enjoy!

*** Disclaimer: This is non toxic and totally safe- if still concerned, there are a bunch of sites that have done research and can inform you further (:

Majestical Jewelry Review

Hey there lovelies! So as ladies with valentines day coming up, we all know we want to look pretty dazzling. I’ll let you in a secret- Majestical Jewlery! 

I’ll start with packaging, any lady would love the little box it comes in! With the silver engraving, and the mini navy blue box it comes in, trust and believe me, it’s a heart warmer.


Also, it comes with a coupon with GREAT discounts, so later you can treat yourself to a little something-something.!


Another great aspect in packaging is the little drawstring bag it comes in! I personally love getting little jewelry bags for when I travel- every girl packs jewelry when they travel! To keep your jewelry in a cute teensy secure bag, slip your jewelry in there girl!


Now, let’s chat about the product itself! It’s an adorable sand dollar pair of earrings. Now, if you are not a fan of heavy earrings, but still like them long; this is the perfect pair for you! It’s soo lightweight and so stylish. ImageThin layers on earrings are in, and you don’t want any heavy objects holding you back when wearing them! These are perf! I am soo in love with these earrings and plan to wear them often in the near future! I hope you try out Majestical Jewelry!


    Rebecca ♡


Hello my fashionable friends! So, I would like to per say “expand” “Of Prep and Lace”. I would like to keep the blog, but also make it an e-magazine! It will still be known as “Of Prep and Lace” It will consist of grammar tips; makeup,tips,tricks,and tutorials; fashion topics, hair topics, and even business tips! It is going to be so much fun publishing my own e-mag and maybe even make it a physical mag! Well, comment if your looking forward to it and if you would like to be featured in it, contact moi, in the contact tab above.

Stay fab,


Chanel VS Dior

Are you having a inward battle choosing between Dior and Chanel? This post is tots for you!



Whenever I feel like splurging on a luxurious make-up item, Chanel and Dior are always my first picks. They always have new collections, the packaging is gorgeous, there’s no denying the quality of the make-up looks and feels amazing and they both have some extremely tempting items. It does depend on what sort of beauty product you’re after, but I’m going to battle them up against each other in order for me to finally decide which brand I find myself lusting after the most.
These choices are completely my opinion and I’m purely going on the products I’ve tried and tested.
Unluckily for Dior, Chanel has completely captured my heart and their ‘illuminating base’ is my all time fav, I’ve tried so many primers and this one hands down, blows any others out of the water. I do like Dior’s Skinflash Primer but it’s not the best for oily…

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How I straighten my hair! ♡

Hi there! Ok, so here is how I get my hair as straight as can be!

Step 1) Wash hair with a straightening shampoo. I like to use Herbal essences, “Dangerously Straight”.

Step 2) Blow dry with a spiral brush; this really helps with the whole “Getting to every root” thing.

Step 3) Apply a Moroccan oil, or any oil that nourishes. Also, apply a good heat protector. A good one is CHI heat protectant. A good drugstore dupe is Tressemes’ heat protectant.

Step 4) Comb out hair with a wide tooth comb. You can brush it, but to ensure there is no hair loss, use a wide tooth comb.

Step 5) Separate hair into little sections, with the help of salon clips.

Step 6) Flat iron starting at the root, quickly cascading the flat iron or hot comb, down to the tips of your hair. You can repeat this step, if not straight enough.

Step 7) Enjoy your straight, shiny hair! ❤